I am a classic & import car enthusiast and an independent web design & development professional specializing in top notch PHP Web Applications with a strong passion for UX/UI & graphic design.

About Me

About Me

Jennifer Perrin

Web Applications Developer & UI/UX and Graphic Designer

I'm a web developer & car nut and I really am generally crazy about all things code, color and design. I love the whole process of developing and coding a project to completion. To me it is so much more then a job or a project, it is my passion.

Currently I work full time for BAE Systems programming and coding applications for "The Man". I work with a wonderful team writing and debugging Python, PHP/MySQLi, Javascript and jQuery web applications using an array of technologies and applications.

My freetime passions include classic muscle and modern import cars. I spend a lot of my time (when I am not sitting in front of my PC coding) attending events like Cars & Coffee meets. I currently own a modified 2018 Kia Stinger GT, and love enhancing it's perfomance and apperance.

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I am a Highly motivated team player with strong leadership abilities. I have over fifteen (15) years of demonstrated web development and design experience using HTML/CSS, Javascript/jQuery, PHP/MySQL and started working with Python in 2021.









Senior IT Systems Analyst II

BAE Systems, Inc.
July 2011 to Present

Senior IT Systems Analyst with over 11 years of experience in developing, coding, and testing web based applications for the United States Army Corps of Engineers, The Air Force and The National Guard; reviewing the work of others in a quality assurance environment; and implementing user-centered design principles in order to develop and implement web applications for the Department of Defense.

  • Passionate & enthusiastic, with a drive to continue to evolve, learn and help others in the process.
  • Solid development skills, with a passion for web applications using an array of technologies and languages including CSS/CSS3, HTML/HTML5, Python, PHP/MySQL and JavaScript/jQuery.
  • Excellent Customer Service skills, providing government and civilian users technical guidance and assistance, and following up on technical service tickets within the team.
  • Attention to detail, conducting quality assurance testing, ensuring ongoing functionality of our web applications and positive user experience for our users.
  • Ability to communicate effectively, responding to incoming user requests and inquiries through Outlook email and phone.
  • Problem solving skills, troubleshooting and resolving coding problems, diagnosing the functionality of web site applications for accessibility, standards compliant, and usability.

Freelance Web Design and Development

Two J Studios, LLC.
Oct 2009 to Dec 2011

Freelance web and user interface development working with a variety of local and out-of-state clients from my home office. Projects included static & dynamic web portals utilizing HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Javascript, and jQuery.

Web Developer and Technical Support

Triumph College Admissions, LLC.
Oct 2006 to Oct 2009

I designed, developed, maintained, updated and test quality assurance on web sites and applications for a verity of different clients and companies. Responsible for maintaining numerous company websites and databases using a multitude of tools. Daily activities include graphic design, PDF creation, website updates, MySQL database management and maintaining an Online StudyGuide.

  • Performed web pages and online resources updates, web design and web development utilizing PHP, ASP, SQL, JavaScript, CSS, HTML and proprietary software.
  • Supported the Online StudyGuide program.
  • Served as a point of contact for login issues.
  • Updated and maintained user account information.
  • Created new user accounts.
  • Resolved technical issues with browser compatibility and program errors.
  • Maintained and administered MySQL and other back-end databases.
  • Fixed program coding errors to resolve software functionality and browser compatibility problems.
  • Coded, debugged, and tested programs based on clients' needs.
  • Responded to customer's request in a timely and efficient manner.

Certifications & Awards

Certifications & Awards

CIW Advanced HTML5 & CSS3 Specialist

June 2019

CIW certified, License 687983

CIW Site Development Associate

January 2015

CIW certified, License 687983

CompTIA A+ Certification

August 2013
Re-certified July 2019
Verification Code: PS456S4LSH1ES53Y

Outstanding Achievement Award

March 2013

For Outstanding Performance
Presented by BAE Systems, Inc.

Jennifer has taken initiative in leading projects to successful completion within time and scopes on a regular basis.



Beautiful Website Solutions

All of my website designs are beatiful, functional and user-friendly. I can create complete solutions that allow you to manage both your site content and your customers in one solution. All of my sites are W3C code complient and include Google Analytics as well as SEO Optimization.

Domain & Hosting

Need help getting your domain name registered and web hosting set up? I would love to to work with you to navigate through the process. I use and highly recoomend stablehost for site hosting. They are a great company I have been working with for years, and can help with anything that your website would need.

Graphic Design

Need business cards, stationary or signage? I can work with you to design just want you and your website/company needs to get noticed and generate leads.

Projects & Clients

Projects & Clients

Designing and developing sites for my clients is a true passion and I take pride in every site I create and launch. I have been a part of numerous sites over the years, and the most recent sites I have done are showcased. All of my sites are W3C code complient and include Google Analytics as well as SEO Optimization.

KATA Racing

Data-driven Website · PHP/MySQL, HTML/CSS, Javascript/jQuery

The Korean Automotive Tuning Association (KATA) site is a Leaderboard where users can register accounts and post race & drag race results in a leaderboard format. KATA Racing is designed to be 100% mobile friendly/fully responsive. The site includes a full back end admisnistration that allows the owners to fully control all Users and user entered data.

KATA Racing
Mod Posters

Mod Posters

Ecommerce Website · PHP/MySQL, HTML/CSS, Javascript/jQuery

Mod Posters is my endevour to cobine two things I love, cars and graphic design. This site allows other car enthusiest to purchase show boards, or as I call them, "brag boards" for car shows and events. This site is a full ecommerce solution, intergrating Paypal's payment system into the buyers expierience. Mod Posters is a complete solution, including a back end allowing myself complete control of all aspects of my online shop.

NGI Performance

Ecommerce Website · PHP/MySQL, HTML/CSS, Javascript/jQuery

Nick at NGI was looking to get a new site started to help increase his product sales. I created a clean and modern front end design, as well as a backend that allows Nick to manage his site, site content, and aspects of customer orders from creation to recording payments to shipping information. Nick has complete control of his site, and all aspects of his online business.

NGI Performance
Jonny Tig Industries

Jonny Tig Industries

Ecommerce Website · PHP/MySQL, HTML/CSS, Javascript/jQuery

Jonny came to me wishing to revamp his site to something more modern and easy for customers to navigate and order. His site does allow "Order requests", but does not do any merchant services at this time (as requested). I created a clean and modern front end design, and also created a backend that allows Jonny and his staff to manage all orders from start to finish, including recording payments, product production and shipping the completed product to the customer.

CK71 Stinger

Informational Website · PHP, HTML/CSS, Javascript/jQuery

Chris was looking for a more traditional "info" type site to showcase his handmade Swithback Daytime Running Lights for the Kia Stinger. I created a clean and inviting "one page" site that allows his buyers to get the information they need when considering buying his lights. The CK71 Stinger site also includes a Contact form allowing his customers to easily reach out to him.

CK71 Stinger



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