PHP Flat File Task & Time Management Application

Quick to get started and use, grindStone is a simple, easy to use, web-based Task Management Application written in PHP with a flat file database designed for a single user. Track Tasks, Dates, Hours Worked and more in a user friendly interface.

A. Setup

1. Unzip grindStone and have a look around.

Unzip the grindStone file and take a look at the file structure. You should see 8 folders and 4 files.

2. Upload grindStone

Upload all the files you unzipped to your web host, keeping the file system intact.

B. Installation

Run the Online Setup Wizard

Installation is quite easy and only takes a few minutes.
Once grindStone has finished uploading, simply go to (or wherever sub-folder you uploaded it to) and follow the on-screen instructions. Easy to do, just follow the defaults and plug in your specific information.

1. Server Configuration Check

There is a Server Configuration Check that will display before you will be able to install grindStone. If all checks out, great, click the button "Start the Installation". If not, you will not see the "Start the Installation" button and will not be able to install grindStone.

2. Configuration

First thing you need to do BEFORE continuing the installation is edit the config.php file. You can find the Config file in the main grindStone folder in the includes/ folder. Open this file with a good text editor and update it as needed for your particular web set-up.

3. User Account & Site Settings

Complete the User Account form and follow the defaults to plug in your site's specific information. You can set your Site name to be anything you would like. Once completed, be sure to hit "On to Step 3" to save your settings.
Note: If the Installation URL is not auto-filled, you will need to enter it manually. This is needed for uploads and email notifications. Include any sub-folder grindStone may be installed in. (ie. Look at your browser's URL bar, and use that (remove the install/install.php from the end) as your Installation URL.

4. Delete/Rename the Install Folder

Once installation is completed, you will need to go back into your FTP application, and either rename or delete the installation folder on your webhost before you can sign in.

That's It! Done.

Sign In and start using grindStone.

I work hard to provide PHP scripts & code that are user-friendly, responsive and free of bugs. If you find an issue with any of my scripts or code, please feel free to drop me a message. You can also help spead the word about grindStone by sharing it.

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