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Bootstrap Alert Messages

I use Alert Message boxes in just about all of my projects. I recently re-designed them for my next update to Reside, and thought it would be another useful snippet to share with others. You can find all of the code needed in the Pen. Change em up however you would like. No restrictions, use as you see fit.

See the Pen Bootstrap Alert Messages by Jennifer Perrin (@jenniferperrin) on CodePen.

Bootstrap Pure CSS Full Page Modals

Modal pop-ups are one of my favorite UI elements. They can show additional information, a notice or the user can input data all with out leaving the page they are currently on.
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Free Template: Responsive Countdown to Launch

responsiveLAUNCH is a RESPONSIVE Countdown Landing Page including Site Subscriptions, an animated Progress Bar & an awesome Modal Contact Form. It is all easily managed via well-documented HTML, CSS & PHP.
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Adding Time to the Date Function in PHP

If you need to take today’s date and add time to it here is a snippet of code that makes it pretty simple. Continue reading

jQuery: Chain Method Calls

One of the coolest things about jQuery is it’s ability to chain method calls together.
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Vertical Responsive Timeline using Bootstrap

Lets build a vertical responsive timeline using Twitter’s Bootstrap. This effect works well on landing pages or detailed archives page etc.
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Responsive CSS3 Shadows

Here are a few nice little div’s that have different shadow types.
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Hide Your Email Address with PHP

I came across this PHP Function while doing my morning reading, and thought I would share with others. I have not tried this method out, as I am a big fan of contact forms, but I do plan to give it a go on one of my next projects.

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New Year, New Site, New Blog

It is a new year, and a new site was needed. I completed my new site, and decided my blog needed a make-over as well. Continue reading